There are a wide variety of fabrics in the world, from fabric for the making of clothes, fabric for making upholstery, raper, bedding and such, and that is the type of designer fabric that specializes in.     Th designer fabric we el itself can come from many places in the world, each made by a somewhat different process and hence each carrying with it a different quality level,

The best quality designer fabric almost always comes from Belgium , France or England in that order.  That is where we do most of our shopping.  We buy straight from the fabric mill  and have it shipped to our warehouse in Texas, and from there we cut and ship a customers purchase of designer fabric all over the world.


And believe it or not, because of the long term, tight relationships we have with these mills and vendors, we can sell a fabric woven in England, shipped to us in Texas, then cut and shipped back to England CHEAPER than the same customer can buy the same fabric in England.

That is our niche…..that is why we have been in business for over thirty fi years, and that is why people from all over the world come to us to buy their high end designer fabric.

Here a beautiful sample just below.  This is a Fortuny style hand made custom velvet designer fabric handmade in Venice.  You cnet it from us cheaper than in Venice, if you can even find it in Venice.   it is made by a small group of artisans in Venice and we buy pretty much all of the designer velvet fabric they produce, so it HAS to be purchased through us.

Enjoy your shopping for Designer Fabric on


Designer Fabric: What Separates the Good From the Superlative Designer Fabric

Tiger Fabric, not Le Tigre

It really is difficult for the average person, and even some designers, to tell the difference between a run of the mill designer fabric and the truly superlative designer fabric.

It’s always possible that the difference between the two lies simply in the name of the manufacturer. But weavers of designer fabric are not alone in this regard, because in our world, there are very few items that are not differentiated by “name”, rather than the quality, and people always struggle to overcome their heart (which wants to buy the “name brand” item) and their brain (which looks at the two items and knows logically that there is really no difference between the two items, but the name).

In the world of Designer Fabric, however, there are many times when two fabrics appear identical, but you need to rely on the expertise and honesty of your supplier or decorator to inform you of the differences, if any, between good designer fabric and superlative designer fabric.

iluvfabrix NEVER sells (usually Chinese) copies of well known fabrics, but ALWAYS sells the real Mccoy, and advertises it as such. In the world of Designer Fabric, one can usually tell the difference between the real and the copied by studying the two items side by side, though after well over thirty five years in the Designer Fabric business we don’t usually have to compare fabrics side by side. This is a skill we are known to have, and this is the honesty we have lived by for over thirty five years.

In most cases, one need only worry whether one is getting the real thing when one is spending substantial dollars for a really high end fabric. An example: We sell Scalamandre Le Tigre, a fabulous, extremely High End Designer Fabric, designed & woven by Scalamandre. It costs a FORTUNE through designers.

However, if you look around the Internet, you can find supposed Le Tigre for a fraction of the cost of the real thing.

When you see that it is advertised to be authentic Le Tigre on Ebay for a small fraction of the designer fabric cost, this is a perfect example of “if it looks too good to be true, it probably is”. however DOES sell the REAL LE TIGRE from Scalamandre, and we do sell this wonderful designer fabric for a fraction of the decorator per yard price, but in our case there are reasons which allow us to do this.

The main reason is the fact that we have built up a repertoire of suppliers over the past 35 years, which allows us to buy the real thing at a fraction of the regular price, and we pass this along to our customers.

So be careful when you are buying fabric. iluvfabrix is unique in the regard that even though our prices are much, much cheaper than wholesale, there are good and positive reasons why we are in the rather unique position of being able to do this. Be careful out there.

New Upholstery Fabric…New Fabrics Added Every Week

DSC_2761 DSC_3085 DSC_4215

(The three fabrics above are a small sampling of the Brand New upholstery fabrics we have listed for sale on the website).

One of the things that makes such a great source for the acquisition of upholstery fabric, drapery fabric and bedding fabric and more is that we are constantly buying fabric from the best mills from around the world.

Most other fabric stores, be they online stores or online stores, do not constantly buy fabric, and consequently every time you look at their website to see what upholstery fabric they my have thats new that you haven’t seen before, you are disappointed to find the same old upholstery fabric that has been on their site for years.

One of the hallmarks of the success of iluvfabrix in the selling of upholstery fabric is that we constantly take a portion of our monthly profits and invest it in the purchase of new upholstery fabric to exhibit and sell on our website, at

Some people think we hold a lot of sales. Its true. We do host a lot of sale of upholstery fabric and drapery fabric where we make even recent purchases available for purchase at significantly reduced prices. The reason for this is that we are constantly purchasing new upholstery fabric and want to draw our customers attention to it, and the best way of doing that is to make an upholstery fabric sale and make the brand new fabric available below our already reduced prices.

Have a look at our site now. You are likely to always find our newesst upholstery fabric at the beginning of the site, i.e., starting on page 1 of the Designer Fabric Category.DSC_2761DSC_3085DSC_4215

Velvet Fabric…One of the World’s Most Beautiful Types of Upholstery Fabric

Put in Blog_001

v_p185t1 has been in the business of selling upholstery fabric and drapery fabric for over 35 years, and one of the most popular types of upholstery fabric that we carry is a great inventory of velvet fabric in all colors, types and qualities (but with regards to quality, the upholstery fabric, velvet fabric, is never less than in the very best). with respect to quality.

There are a great many types of velvet fabric from which to choose. We carry cotton velvet, linen velvet, silk velvet, poly velvet, and a great many blends of either cotton, linen and silk with a small percentage of poly which gives the fabric strength and durability. Most people use velvet fabric as upholstery fabric, and as such it is absolutely necessary for the velvet fabric to be extremely durable. The small percentage of poly mixed in with the other fibers mentioned gives the fabric both a great amount of durability, and a very soft and luxurious hand. Together, any of the main fibers when mixed with a poly fabric yields an upholstery fabric that lasts virtually forever.

A great example of the previous point would be in silk velvet. One can purchase pure silk velvet made out of 100% silk, but this fabric, though beautiful in all respects does not have the durability to be used as upholstery fabric on a piece of upholstery that will get regular use. It is only to be used on an occasional piece.

However, if you mix the silk with a small percentage of poly, the resultant fabric when woven yields upholstery fabric that wears like iron, yet still retains all the elegance of silk, with the added bonus of being perfect for use as upholstery fabric.

Velvet fabric is one of my favorite types of fabric. As George Constanza used to say on Seinfeld, “if it were socially acceptable, he would drape himself in velvet”. I understand the sentiment. High end velvet, which is the only type we sell, makes a piece of furniture or drapery that is unbeatable in looks, durability and elegance, and is as soft as they come. I can’t think of anything else that would be more comfortable.

The next time you need to buy upholstery fabric to redo one of your furniture pieces or drapes, have a look at velvet fabric and Im sure you will find something you like with all the high end qualities, as long as you buy it from a reputable firm (like

Buy Fabric Online….What are the Advantages?

Beautiful Venetian Velvet....Hand Made In All Respects

Buy fabric online. Thats what most people are doing nowadays. Of course there are still a goodly number of brick and mortar stores around to buy fabric, but the problem with them as opposed to when you buy fabric online is that the overhead of a brick and mortar store doesn’t allow for the discounting of fabric as does when you buy fabric online.

We have been selling fabric for over 35 years, and for about half that time it was through a brick and mortar store. All we sold was high end fabric, mostly sourced in Europe. We realized after some time that to buy fabric online was to make our high end fabric available to our customers at a considerably enhanced discount, while at the same time allowing us to yield the same level of profit with each sale.

When you buy fabric online how does the process differ from buying your fabric from a brick and mortar store. Well, in the case of, our company, there are absolutely no disadvantages to the customer and in fact the opposite is true. There are far more advantages when you buy fabric online. We make samples available for purchase at very reasonable prices so you don’t have to buy your fabric based solely on a picture on a website, and when you buy fabric online the samples we send you are from the very same roll you get your purchased fabric from.

By storing fabric in a warehouse and displaying it online, as opposed to having to carry and display all the fabric in a retail setting, it is far less expensive to rent warehouse space than retail space. We pass these savings along to our customers. Buy fabric online and you will find that your experience is quick, painless and most important, incredibly cheap when compared to buying the same fabric from a brick and mortar fabric store. Buy fabric online, you won’t be sorry.

Home Decor Fabrics, The Great Variety of Items on That Will Bring Luxury To Your Home has been in business for over 35 years and throughout that entire time, we have never sold any other kind of fabric but upholstery and drapery fabric. In other words, Home Decor Fabric.

Home decor fabric covers a wide swath of territory in the decorating field, including upholstery fabric of a great many types, such as:

– silk fabric
– tapestry fabric
– damask & jacquard fabric
– velvet fabrics including cotton velvet, linen velvet, silk velvet, mohair velvet and others
– chenille fabric

and a great many others.

As only carries home decor fabric and given the length of time we have been selling it, one can imagine that we have developed a great many sources of fabric, being careful to select only fabric from the finest fabric mills, and being careful to purchase fabric at the best possible prices.

In addition to a wide variety of home decor fabric (there are currently almost 4,000 fabrics in stock for sale on the iluvfabrix website, which is many, many times more than most of the other companies that sell fabrics stock), we also carry a wide variety of faux fur fabric which people use to great effect in creating blankets, throws, and floor rugs which, in combination with the other more conventional kinds of home decor fabric we sell, combine to create a compelling canvas of colors and styles which will turn your home into a magnificent showplace for your family to enjoy.

So when you decide to change your home decor fabric is where one generally starts to find the ideas that lead to changes that enrich your home.


This is a question we at iluvfabrix get asked almost every day. People who have visited other upholstery fabric sites and shop and purchase their fabrics on iluvfabrix usually want to know how and where we get our upholstery fabric and drapery fabric, as we are always adding new fabrics to our site, and how are we able to charge so little. These are the things almost everyone wants to know.

Let me answer that question here for the benefit of all those who are interested.

iluvfabrix has been in business for over 35 years. During that time and especially more towards the start of our upholstery fabric sales business, we travelled all over the world, spending the predominant amount of time in Europe, visiting the fabric mills that weave the fabrics for many of the companies you are familiar with. Most people are very surprised when we tell them that companies like Colefax & Fowler, Brunschwig & Fils, Manuel Canovas, Scalamandre, Zoffany and many, many others do not design and/or weave all the fabrics they sell. In many, many cases much of the upholstery fabric, drapery fabric, silk, chenille fabric, tapestry fabric, velvet fabric etc. are in fact designed by the fabric mills themselves.

The aforementioned companies send representatives out to many of the fabric mills we visited and see what the latest designs, colors and weights are for that particular season’s upholstery fabric, and they order a quantity of that fabric. By virtue of, say, Colefax & Fowler buying any particular upholstery fabric and putting it in their sales catalog, it becomes a de facto Colefax & Fowler fabric.

That is why you can often see the same fabric appearing as a Colefax upholstery fabric, and a Brunschwig upholstery fabric. It is because the fact that they purchased a certain amount of the fabric gives them the right to call the fabric by their own company name.

We go to these same mills and buy the very same fabrics, made on the very same looms….identical in every way, and put it on our website and identify it as the fabric as it is called by the other name companies that sell it.

As we have been doing this for so long, we don’t now have to travel as much because we sell a lot of fabric, so the mills know this and they send us samples just as they would send them to Colefax, Brunschwig and other companies previously mentioned. The only difference, and its a BIG ONE, is that we are able to buy the fabric cheaper then the name brands and MOST IMPORTANTLY, we do not mark up the upholstery fabric, drapery fabric, bedding fabric or what-have-you anywhere near the markup the high end name brand companies do when they sell the fabric.

We hope this gives you all a better understanding of why our upholstery fabric prices can’t be beat. Same manufacturer, same looms, same quality control, exactly the same fabric in every way, but we buy it at great prices and we are greedy in our markups.

This is also why a great many designer/decorators buy fabric from us then mark it up and sell it to their clients. It is because they can get their upholstery fabric cheaper from us in most cases than they can get from their own representatives at the mills.

An Example of the Type of Fabric Oprah Buys


    Good day ladies and gentlemen. We have roughly ten yards left of the fabric Oprah purchased to do one of her sofas. We have enough left to do a lovely loveseat, a huge maneating sinky chair and ottoman, and a thousand other types of projects that call for very high end fabric that is both soft as silk, and very deep and cushy.

    This fabric has alternating rows of red, orange, gold and grey. This fabric is woven in one of the very top mills in Belgium for the express purposes of being used for Upholstery Fabric, drapery fabric, bedding fabric and many other projects.

    This fabric is actually a FORTUNE when purchased through a designer, but if you are Oprah Winfrey, who cares, right?

    Unfortunately, there is only one Oprah Winfrey and I would be willing to bet that that is neither you, nor I.

    This upholstery fabric is incredibly soft, luscious, and you can just tell this fabric will wear and wear and wear and it will simply not wear out. That is the hallmark of most high end upholstery fabric.

    What we have done is lowered the price of this velvet striped upholstery fabric to a number which equals our cost for this fabric. Thus you can get one of the World’s finest upholstery fabrics in a stunning colorful velvet, and we make an existing (or new) customer very happy and they come back to shop again.

    Please click the link for this fine perfect upholstery fabric and have a close up look. Make something wonderful. Enjoy watching your friends drool when they come into your home.

Online Fabric Store…What a GREAT Way to Shop!

Gorgeous High end Scalamandre Silk, available on our website was one of the first Online Fabric Shop websites to appear on the Internet, about 20 years ago. During this time, we have become known on a Worldwide basis for selling the very best fabrics in the World, at prices way below wholesale.

The reason for this is that we have spend many years visiting and creating relationships with the major fabric manufacturers, who both then and now, had been limited to the fabric shops they could sell to, based on the location of the shop.

Our Online Fabric Shop has no such limitations. As we exist in a Virtual world on the Internet, we do not service any particular geographic location and, as such, we are not stepping on the toes of any bricks and mortar shop who can accuse us of trampling on their geographic location.

This one asset, amongst many others has allowed us to build up a reputation amongst other online fabric stores that have since sprung up during the past 20 or so years, to the point that we are able to buy fabric from our suppliers at prices substantially below that which the other online fabric stores are charged, and this allows us to pass our savings along to our customers.

thus we have become known world wide amongst the world of designer/decorators who purchase high end fabric from us cheaper than they can purchase it from anywhere else, who then turn around and resell it to their customers at a marked up price, AND we are know by thousands of clients around the world who know fabric and can tell the difference between good prices and unbeatable prices. The unbeatable prices are the only ones they get from us, the best online fabric store in the world.

We have three warehouses filled to the brim with fabrics, thus with very rare exceptions, everything we sell is in stock.

All these elements and many more make our online fabric store the piece de resistance when n one is looking for the Best of the Best fabric in the world, but want to do so without laving their living room sofa.

Hence the origin and the purpose of our online fabric store.

Designer Fabric & Designer Fabrics

Fortuny Style  Mauve & Gold Venetian Fabric

If I were asked to pick one or two terms that we are routinely asked more than others to define for our customers, the terms would unquestionably be Designer Fabric and/or Designer Fabrics.

What is meant by these two terms?

Designer Fabric and/or Designer Fabrics are terms used routinely to imply that the fabrics are of a high end nature and that they are deigned by either an individual or a company that has a well known name in the upholstery business.

Designer Fabric and/or Designer Fabrics do not imply any particular type of fabric, such as tapestry fabric, velvet fabrics, silk fabrics, printed fabrics or the like, but rather they describe the fact that the fabrics in question are not off-market no-name, no-frills fabric which can be purchased for a very small amount of money, but rather they are meant to imply that the fabrics carry with them the name of a famous designer or the fabric itself is famous, and well known in the decorator/designer community.

One good example of a designer fabric is made by a group of individuals who have gotten together and put the skills they learned at the Fortuny Factory together to create a similar but different enough type of fabric than actual Fortuny Fabric. In this case, the fabric is made of hand dyed velvet (which Fortuny does not do), and is printed utilizing the same or very similar formulation of gold metallic paint that was formulated by Mariano Fortuny himself, applied to the fabric with wooden blocks, by hand, the wooden blocks hand carved by each individual who is creating his/her own style of fabric.

Thus when you look at our supplies of Fortuny Style Fabrics, you will see that the pattern for each one of these Designer Fabrics is somewhat different than the pattern used in another Designer Fabric, with a different Base cloth color, and a different hand carved block pattern and even slightly different gold paint formulations, thus giving the finished Designer Fabric a different but beautiful look.

Have a look at some of these fabrics. Dont be surprised if, in some cases, some of these Designer Fabrics are more expensive than actual Fortuny Fabrics, because the work that goes into the making of these Designer Fabrics exceeds the work that goes into the making of genuine Fortuny Fabric by several quanta.

Also, many of these Venetian Designer Fabrics are much more beautiful than the fabric coming out of the actual Fortuny Fabric factory.