How to Clean Upholstery Fabric and Drapery Fabric

We at are specialized in providing high end upholstery fabric and drapery fabric in silk, cotton, velvet and just about every other category of fabric you can think of.  We are constantly being asked how to clean the fabric we sell, and, given the extremely wide variety of the type and make of these fabrics, we felt it appropriate to provide a list of a wide variety of fabrics and how to best clean them.
Remember, most of the upholstery fabric we sell washes beautifully with soap and water, but there are a number of exceptions.  Please have look at the chart below for assistance with your stain issue.
Type of stain + removal method.
Ballpoint –pen stain remover
Beer— upholstery shampoo
Blood– cold water
Butter –stain remover
Chocolate– upholstery shampoo
Cola –warm water
Cream– upholstery shampoo
Drinks –warm water
Egg –upholstery shampoo
Felt pen– warm water
Food stain remover
Fruit juice —   warm water
Lipstick –stain remover
Milk –warm water
Mustard –upholstery shampoo
Nail polish– stain remover
Oil / fat— stain remover
Paint—- cold water
Oil paint— stain remover
Salad dressing — upholstery shampoo
Sauces—warm water
Wine —-absorbing powder / salt

We are always asked how to best clean fabric. Here is a list we thought would be helpful.

Type of stain + removal method.
Ballpoint pen: stain remover
Beer: upholstery shampoo
Blood: cold water
Butter: stain remover
Chocolate: upholstery shampoo
Cola warm water
Cream: upholstery shampoo
Drinks: warm water
Egg: upholstery shampoo
Felt pen: warm water
Food: stain remover
Fruit juice:    warm water
Lipstick: stain remover
Milk: warm water
Mustard: upholstery shampoo
Nail polish: stain remover
Oil / fat: stain remover
Paint: cold water
Oil paint stain remover
Salad dressing:  upholstery shampoo
Sauces: warm water
Wine: absorbing powder / salt

WE hope this helps.