Grand Fabric, Le Tigre from Scalamandre

As most of you know by now, specializes in selling the “Best of the Best” fabric for upholstery, drapery, bedding, slipcovers and many other projects to beautify your home.  

Our niche is that we are able to acquire upholstery fabric which sells from $20.00 per yard to upholstery fabric that costs $2,000.00 per yard, but we are able to get everything at prices way below wholesale.  In fact our upholstery fabric is always cheaper for a decorator to buy from us than to buy from their own fabric mill representative.

We sell a lot of upholstery fabric and drapery fabric to designer/decorators as well as educated end users who know what a great, below wholesale price is when they see it.

One of the fabrics which we have sold quite a lot of over the past five years is Scalamandre Le Tigre Silk Velvet, which is one of the MOST gorgeous fabrics you have ever laid eyes on or touched, woven in a Tiger pattern and has been used in some of the most prestigious homes, High End Museums, Palaces and such around the world.  It is a VERY expensive fabric to purchase even through the best connected designer/decorator, but our price for this wonderful upholstery fabric is cheaper than the best price one can get from the above mentioned individuals no matter how good your negotiating skills.

We have sold hundreds of yards of this magnificent upholstery fabric over the past five years, as well as a few other upholstery fabrics the same category as Le Tigre.

For your reference, we have included a picture of the magnificent Le Tigre used to cover a chair in a high end home.  Enjoy the picture, below.


( Picture courtesy of Cote De Texas )



How to Clean Upholstery Fabric and Drapery Fabric

We at are specialized in providing high end upholstery fabric and drapery fabric in silk, cotton, velvet and just about every other category of fabric you can think of.  We are constantly being asked how to clean the fabric we sell, and, given the extremely wide variety of the type and make of these fabrics, we felt it appropriate to provide a list of a wide variety of fabrics and how to best clean them.
Remember, most of the upholstery fabric we sell washes beautifully with soap and water, but there are a number of exceptions.  Please have look at the chart below for assistance with your stain issue.
Type of stain + removal method.
Ballpoint –pen stain remover
Beer— upholstery shampoo
Blood– cold water
Butter –stain remover
Chocolate– upholstery shampoo
Cola –warm water
Cream– upholstery shampoo
Drinks –warm water
Egg –upholstery shampoo
Felt pen– warm water
Food stain remover
Fruit juice —   warm water
Lipstick –stain remover
Milk –warm water
Mustard –upholstery shampoo
Nail polish– stain remover
Oil / fat— stain remover
Paint—- cold water
Oil paint— stain remover
Salad dressing — upholstery shampoo
Sauces—warm water
Wine —-absorbing powder / salt