Upholstery Fabric versus Apparel Fabric

Even though iluvfabrix.com is a website devoted to the sale of upholstery fabric rather than fabric used in the creation of apparel, and more so it is not a company with a brick and mortar storefront, you would be surprised at the number of people who just come in looking for apparel fabric.

As most of you know, iluvfabrix.com has been around a long time selling upholstery fabric online, and only online. We do not have a sign outside inviting people in to visit our showroom, people come in the hopes of finding what they are looking for.

We explain that upholstery fabric is ALL we sell and they explain that they want to make a dress or some such item, most people still insist on walking through our warehouse to check it out for themselves.

When they enter our warehouse they see row upon row upon row stacked to the ceiling with upholstery fabric. And I guess I should be more understanding of their motivations because it only takes them a few minutes to discover the incredible differences between upholstery fabric and fabric for other purposes.

We sell the “best of the best” upholstery fabric which we source from fabric mills from around the world, and one look, one touch of the type of fabric we sell and it becomes crystal clear the differences between true upholstery fabric and everything else.

Our upholstery fabric is much, much heavier, more tightly woven, more durable and would never in a million years be mistaken for the types of fabric used for clothing.

Unfortunately there are some sellers on the web who offer much lighter weight fabric, usually made in the Orient, and pass it off as upholstery fabric. It is these sorts of vendors which give the honest vendors a bad name.

Luckily we have thousands upon thousands of people who have purchased the Real McCoy from us, i.e., true upholstery fabric that will wear like iron, who can attest to the quality of the fabric we well.

Be careful whom you buy from.

All the Best,

The Staff of iluvfabrix.com