There are a wide variety of fabrics in the world, from fabric for the making of clothes, fabric for making upholstery, raper, bedding and such, and that is the type of designer fabric that specializes in.     Th designer fabric we el itself can come from many places in the world, each made by a somewhat different process and hence each carrying with it a different quality level,

The best quality designer fabric almost always comes from Belgium , France or England in that order.  That is where we do most of our shopping.  We buy straight from the fabric mill  and have it shipped to our warehouse in Texas, and from there we cut and ship a customers purchase of designer fabric all over the world.


And believe it or not, because of the long term, tight relationships we have with these mills and vendors, we can sell a fabric woven in England, shipped to us in Texas, then cut and shipped back to England CHEAPER than the same customer can buy the same fabric in England.

That is our niche…..that is why we have been in business for over thirty fi years, and that is why people from all over the world come to us to buy their high end designer fabric.

Here a beautiful sample just below.  This is a Fortuny style hand made custom velvet designer fabric handmade in Venice.  You cnet it from us cheaper than in Venice, if you can even find it in Venice.   it is made by a small group of artisans in Venice and we buy pretty much all of the designer velvet fabric they produce, so it HAS to be purchased through us.

Enjoy your shopping for Designer Fabric on


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