There are a wide variety of fabrics in the world, from fabric for the making of clothes, fabric for making upholstery, raper, bedding and such, and that is the type of designer fabric that specializes in.     Th designer fabric we el itself can come from many places in the world, each made by a somewhat different process and hence each carrying with it a different quality level,

The best quality designer fabric almost always comes from Belgium , France or England in that order.  That is where we do most of our shopping.  We buy straight from the fabric mill  and have it shipped to our warehouse in Texas, and from there we cut and ship a customers purchase of designer fabric all over the world.


And believe it or not, because of the long term, tight relationships we have with these mills and vendors, we can sell a fabric woven in England, shipped to us in Texas, then cut and shipped back to England CHEAPER than the same customer can buy the same fabric in England.

That is our niche…..that is why we have been in business for over thirty fi years, and that is why people from all over the world come to us to buy their high end designer fabric.

Here a beautiful sample just below.  This is a Fortuny style hand made custom velvet designer fabric handmade in Venice.  You cnet it from us cheaper than in Venice, if you can even find it in Venice.   it is made by a small group of artisans in Venice and we buy pretty much all of the designer velvet fabric they produce, so it HAS to be purchased through us.

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Beautiful Laura Ashley Cotton Floral Designer Upholstery or Drapery Fabric

Laura Ashley 1

This is another fabulous Laura Ashley floral fabric that works for just about any project in your home. This fabric is sold by designers but we sell it for about one fifth the designer per yard price.  This stunning designer fabric is used for all kinds of upholstery…re upholstery of a sofa or loveseat, re upholstery of a chair, or make stunning drapery of every kind and style, and this upholstery fabric is also used for bedding.  Make a fabulous bedskirt with matching pillow shams, duvet covers and so much more.  Of course the name Laura Ashley is known throughout the word as a designer and manufacturer of incredible upholstery fbaric or drapery fabric and they have so many other beautiful designs and styles.  Upholstery fabric needs to be beautiful, of course, but at the same time it must wear well, it must stand up to the occasional stain and have it simply wash away and, maintain its shape as the best of the best upholstery fabrics do.  You will enjoy this wonderful fabric from Laura Ashley.

Designer Fabric: What Separates the Good From the Superlative Designer Fabric

Tiger Fabric, not Le Tigre

It really is difficult for the average person, and even some designers, to tell the difference between a run of the mill designer fabric and the truly superlative designer fabric.

It’s always possible that the difference between the two lies simply in the name of the manufacturer. But weavers of designer fabric are not alone in this regard, because in our world, there are very few items that are not differentiated by “name”, rather than the quality, and people always struggle to overcome their heart (which wants to buy the “name brand” item) and their brain (which looks at the two items and knows logically that there is really no difference between the two items, but the name).

In the world of Designer Fabric, however, there are many times when two fabrics appear identical, but you need to rely on the expertise and honesty of your supplier or decorator to inform you of the differences, if any, between good designer fabric and superlative designer fabric.

iluvfabrix NEVER sells (usually Chinese) copies of well known fabrics, but ALWAYS sells the real Mccoy, and advertises it as such. In the world of Designer Fabric, one can usually tell the difference between the real and the copied by studying the two items side by side, though after well over thirty five years in the Designer Fabric business we don’t usually have to compare fabrics side by side. This is a skill we are known to have, and this is the honesty we have lived by for over thirty five years.

In most cases, one need only worry whether one is getting the real thing when one is spending substantial dollars for a really high end fabric. An example: We sell Scalamandre Le Tigre, a fabulous, extremely High End Designer Fabric, designed & woven by Scalamandre. It costs a FORTUNE through designers.

However, if you look around the Internet, you can find supposed Le Tigre for a fraction of the cost of the real thing.

When you see that it is advertised to be authentic Le Tigre on Ebay for a small fraction of the designer fabric cost, this is a perfect example of “if it looks too good to be true, it probably is”. however DOES sell the REAL LE TIGRE from Scalamandre, and we do sell this wonderful designer fabric for a fraction of the decorator per yard price, but in our case there are reasons which allow us to do this.

The main reason is the fact that we have built up a repertoire of suppliers over the past 35 years, which allows us to buy the real thing at a fraction of the regular price, and we pass this along to our customers.

So be careful when you are buying fabric. iluvfabrix is unique in the regard that even though our prices are much, much cheaper than wholesale, there are good and positive reasons why we are in the rather unique position of being able to do this. Be careful out there.

Scalamandre Le Tigre & Leopardo Fabrics….iluvfabrix sells them at a significant Discount

Those of you in the know, know that Scalamandre Le Tigre and Leopardo fabrics are among the best fabrics in the World.  When a designer is lucky enough have access to these fabrics, they may do a sofa, drapery, or even pillows.  However, this is the type of fabric where a little goes a long way.  If you get Veranda magazine, you will see both fabrics featured in this month’s edition.  As you can imagine, this fabric is extremely expensive through  any designer, but iluvfabrix sells them both at a significant discount.

Should you need any information on either of these fabrics, please call us at 915 587 0200, or email us at

Have a look at some pictures to get an idea of how they may be used to beautify any room of your home.

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