Two Kinds of High End Throws/ Blankets

Two Kinds of High End Throws/ Blankets

This entry is to introduce two kinds of high end throws that we sell on

The first is a throw made of Fortuny Style Velvet.  The velvet is hand dyed, and then stamped with hand carved blocks in a pattern designed by that particular artisan.  The stamp is done using the same formula of Gold Metallic ink developed by Mariano Fortuny for his fabrics.

Since iluvfabrix is the ONLY company which can get this particular velvet fabric (because we have an arrangement with the group to buy ALL the fabric they can produce), is the ONLY place on Earth to buy these incredible throws, made with the Venetian Fortuny Style velvet on the main side and backed with high end Donghia wool or velvet.   They are spectacular, both when used for decoration or when you actually USE them curled up in front of the TV or while reading a good book.    Continue reading


We at are well known for selling high end upholstery fabric and drapery fabric, in velvet, cotton, silk and many other fabric types.
Because the fabric we sell is available in such a wide variety of  kinds and makes, we could not generalize and give one type of cleaning method that is good for every type of fabric.  Please refer to the list below to learn what to use to remove any marks on your upholstery fabric,, drapery fabric, bedding and many other types and styles of fabric.
Ballpoint pen— stain remover
Beer —upholstery shampoo
Blood–0- cold water
Butter— stain remover
Chocolate— upholstery shampoo
Cola— warm water
Cream— upholstery shampoo
Drinks— warm water
Egg— upholstery shampoo
Felt pen— warm water
Food— stain remover
Fruit juice —   warm water
Lipstick— stain remover
Milk— warm water
Mustard— upholstery shampoo
Nail polish— stain remover
Oil / fat— stain remover
Paint— cold water
Oil paint— stain remover
Salad dressing — upholstery shampoo
Sauces —warm water
Wine —absorbing powder / salt