The Difference Between Designers & Decorators

The owners of iluvfabrix have been in the fabric business for well over 30 years and in that time, we have probably seen and heard it all.

But I have to tell you I have never seen so many “decorators’ , i.e., people calling themselves decorators, as I have now.

Not a day goes by that we don’t get four or five calls from people identifying themselves as “decorators” and shop for fabrics.   Now we are in business of selling fabrics, and if someone calls themselves a decorator, designer or Grand High Poohbah, we will sell them fabric if they want to buy.

But I think a little education is apropos of this situation.  ANYONE can call themselves a “Decorator” and not really be lying.  That is because the term “Decorator” just means that they are posturing themselves as someone who has a flair for interior design and charges you for their time and their taste.     Remember, $10.00 gets anyone 300 business cards that will say anything you want.

If you want design help from someone who REALLY knows Interior Design, then ask them what design school they went to…..ask to see their membership card in one of the Interior Design fraternities……in other words, you want to know if they actually graduated from a course in Interior Design (2-4 year course, depending on the school) which gives them a well rounded education in the art of Interior Design, ie., putting a room or a home together, choosing colors, matching colors and so on.

What am I saying?    If you need an experienced Interior Designer, then make sure that is  in fact exactly what you are getting.

Although the term “decoratef” has become a catch-all phrase taken to mean anyone with good taste who can match Fabric A with Fabric B,  only a graduated “Interior Designer” is the real deal who can do the whole job, and worth the per hour fee they charge.

Forewarned is forearmed.

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Have a look at the New Color of the year for 2014, Vibrant Orchid

Hello Everybody:  I thought I would write you all to keep your eyes peeled for the new color of the year for 2014, VIBRANT ORCHID.

iluvfabrix has many fabrics on our website and we are going to be moving a great many of them to the front of the Designer Fabrics category, to make it simple for you all to see them (and drool).

For your reference, here is a list of the fabrics which are on iluvfabrix, available and IN STOCK RIGHT NOW, ready to ship for your latest project.

Be it a piece of new furniture, a recovered sofa, drapery, bedding or whathaveyou, any of the fabrics in the forthcoming list will put you dead centre of the latest design initiative, and this being such a gorgeous color, anything you do in the color this year will stay current for many years to come.

Here is a list of the Product ID numbers on  Simply put any of the numbers into the Search Engine in the middle of every page, and have a look at all the fabrics in turn.  Please remember that we expect many of these fabrics to sell rather quickly, so if you see something you like, go for it sooner rather than later so as not to miss out.

The list of Product ID numbers follows:

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