Fabulous New Fabrics

iluvfabrix.com has been buying fabric like crazy, and we now have owner 3,000 rolls in stock, listed on the website, ready to go.  All our fabrics are the “Best of the Best”, all absolutely First Quality and the exact same as fabric purchased through a designer, only cheaper.

We sell to designer/decorators who purchase our fabric and then re-sell it to their clients at a markup, and we also sell to high end users, who know and understand that our fabrics are absolutely authentic and they get the best deals on the web from us.

You can view our fabrics on our website, buy samples, or purchase fabrics and choose shipping very easily by just following the logical path visible on the site, or we are happy to put any purchase through manually for you.

To have us put your purchase through for you, either call us at 915 587 0200, or email us at info@iluvfabrix.com with your phone number, and we will phone you and get the details and do the sale for you.

The website runs 24 hours a day, and email is followed and answered by one of our in-house designers and/or tech support staff for 18 hours a day (including the weekend), so you will find that we get back to you very promptly if you have a question, or are having some sort of trouble with the site.

In other words, we are dedicated to making your shopping experience a snap and a joy when you shop at iluvfabrix.com.   Click anywhere on this sentence to go straight to iluvfabrix.com to start your browsing.

Have fun and save a bundle.

iluvfabrix Staff

2009-09-27 13.04.23

This is a lovely modern/.contemporary durable fabric, available in a number of colors, posted and available on the iluvfabrix website.