Lelievre Fabric 1

Lelievre Fabric 2

This is a stunning lampas brocade fabric from Lelievre of France. This stunning fabric exists to make over the top exquisite upholstered furniture, drapery and many other things to endow your home with style and elegance. This fabric is what you might see in a 17th or 18th Century French Palace. It is extraordinary!! Designers, when they can get it, sell it for many times our per yard price.   Those of you “in the know, know that Lampas Brocade fabric, in addition to being mostly hand made and utterly off the charts beautiful, is very difficult to get one’s hands on and when you do, it is incredibly off the charts expensive.  The cost comes from all the hands on sewing of the design, the opalescent sheen of the raw thread used to weave into the base fabric. It is a fabric that is without equal in the world of High End Designer Fabrics in more ways than one.   First of all one needs to be a top ranking factory to even get the contract to produce Lelievre fabric.  One needs to have top of the line fabric finishers to do the hand labor necessary to finish to the fabric properly.  In other words, it is exquisite, “Best of the Best” designer fabric.

Lelievre Fabric 3

Lelievre Fabric 4