Fortuny Scarf

 As a huge Scarf Lover, I am always collecting Scarves, knitting scarves and it hit me, why aren’t I sewing scarves out of some of the Fortuny fabrics which are the most incredible fabrics in the world.  So, I hit Neiman’s, Sak’s, Bloomingdales, Macy’s  and Bergdorf’s this weekend in search of a scarf as gorgeous as The Fortuny style Stamped Velvets we just got in from Venice.  I looked at absolutely everything there was, there was nothing that compared to what I knew I could make with the fabric. The prices of the scarves I looked at went up to over $2500 by the way also, not small potato’s for a scarf in my books anyways.I bought 2 yards of the fabric and 2 yards of a silk that was on sale.  I divided the fabric width in half and cut the size to 25 1/2″  by 69″ and made a giant recatangle, turned it inside out and voila! i have the most gorgeous scarf that I know is a show stopper.I have made a few skirts from our fabrics and wore one on Saturday, while I was on this hunt.  my husband was with me and he was getting impatient, I was stopped about every 30 minutes to be asked where I bought my skirt.  I explained that I made it from the fabric from our website, I was very patient in explaining while he grew impatient as the day wore on.I do have to say though, they are gorgeous and you would not find anything on the shelf for under 2,000.  We do sell to some very high end couture companies and I’ve seen what their prices are like.  There are too many zero’s for me to write.  Anyways, this scarf was done within an hour and here it is, I really think it is a show stopper.  Only 2 yards of fabric needed, you can wear it for every day or dress up for an evening.It is a show stopper!  you will get so many compliments, that I promise!!