A Cheap & Easy Wall Display

I know we’ve been lax on the blog but things have just been so busy……….anyways, I thought you would like to see this.  A very cheap easy way to do a gorgeous wall display.These were pictures, I liked pulled out of a magazine.  Just a regular everyday, woman’s magazine, years ago had printed these pictures.  I ripped the pages out and ‘filed’ them.  When i found them a while ago, i took them to Costco or Sam’s and they offered a service where they take a plain picture and age it and mount it like a painting.  There I was with my cheap 36 pictures printed on plain cheap paper and the staff member said, don’t worry, they will look like paintings…….I think I paid between $5 and $10 each, it was very reasonable.I picked them up about a week or so later and I could not believe my eyes!!Anyways, we just hung them all again and I love them just as much as they day I pulled them out of the magazine!!