Quick and EASY bedroom makeover trick


Here is a very easy trick for making an average bed, beautiful.  Simply add a Canopy!  Two simple hems and a staple gun and anyone can do this.  This bed is a king size and we sewed the Canopy into shape but for several of you who want a very easy job, all you need is 2 lengths of fabric that are about 4 yards each and anyone can whip this up in no time.  If you need help just yell and we will be happy to walk you through it.On this one, we put a 4″ border of silk to finish it off at the front and the look is fabulous.  This style canopy looks gorgeous is stripes, checks, florals and especially damask fabrics.Let us know what you think!

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Simple Curtains

I am finally starting to get my little office pulled together and last week, at last put up drapes.  These are very simple drapes which are just one width of fabric each and a simple hem around all 4 sides, grommets in the top.  I love the simplicity of them and they move very easily on the rods to open and close.  This office has been in the works for about a year but I never seem to have the time to devote to getting my own stuff done.For anyone who sews, this is a very easy and quick project and it makes such a difference to the room.  It is starting to get cozy in here and over the next few weeks, I will get this room completed and post some more pictures.  I’ve planned this to be my great escape room, which I certainly need.  Lets hope my children stay clear!!