Before & After : what a difference!

Sometimes a simple re-upholstery job or slipcover job makes all the difference.  I just got these chairs back today and its hard to believe they are even the same chairs.  They now make such a statement in the room, they are more contemporary and hip with just a simple fabric change.We also re-did the wood color to deepen it up but very simple and inexpensive to do.  

The fabric I picked for the these chairs is # 8935 but it was a toss up, i was debating using # 8923 which also would of been amazing.  There were a handful of others too now that I think about it.  I am absolutely thrilled with my choice and I love the warm feeling that I have in the room.  Like it has been there forever and you just want to curl up with a mug of tea and a great book……..or knitting…….. 

Now if I could only get my kids out of there and claim the room as my own………..

Who would of thought……

We got in a new shipment from France last week and along with the oooh’s and aaaaw’s i spotted a roll of sheers that looked quite unusual and started to think about making drapes for my husbands music room / family room that he only bugs me about on a daily basis.

 While everyone up north is waiting for  the sun, we are baking in it and he complains multiple times every day about how he needs drapes or he cant be in that room and lord knows i want to keep him in that room!!!So we whipped up some drapery panels for him and i am so thrilled with the outcome, even he, who asked me 5 million times, will they be nice, is thrilled……….no easy feat!!

This sheer really didn’t look like anything at all on the roll and i have to say, completed in drapes they are nothing short of spectacular.  i am just in love with them and now considering taking over the room!!! ( on our website the item number is 10250).  Click here to see fabric on….