We are in Fabric Heaven!

Every day for the last 2 weeks new shipments have been arriving in from Europe.  As the warehouse is unpacking the crates we are not able to work as we are standing by, oohing and awwwing……..even drooling in some cases!! Timing wasn’t wonderful for the warehouse as they don’t have space to even breathe right now while unpacking and stocking all the new goods.The design team on the other hand is in absolute heaven here.

 During the day, everyone has been disappearing to go and admire.  tons of new florals, we are all inspired to redo bedrooms, spruce up our Kitchens and patios for the summer. There are so many new and wonderful fabrics we really don’t know where to look first.  

You can certainly see where the color trend is heading too.  Lots of purples, greens and even gorgeous yellows are back in.So many choices, so little time!!

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