Sew it yourself kits

PLEASE NOTE:  WE INVITE YOUR COMMENTS ON THIS POST…CLICK THE SUBJECT LINE TO OPEN COMMENT WINDOW. is, by popular request, coming out with “Sew it yourself” pillow kits. The kits will consist of a pillow form, the necessary fabric for both front and back, all the necessary trim and complete step by step instructions. The cost of these kits will of course be much less than pre made pillows and will contain raw materials of the very highest quality. People have been asking us at to do this and we finally have the time.Also watch for our new category of Iron Rods & Fixtures which will be filled with wonderful choices very soon. Keep an eye on it at

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How to plan a (re)upholstery project

Whether you have an exisiting sofa or chair that you wish to recover (or in fact do slipcovers for) or you intend to have a custom furniture builder build a sofa for you to your specifications, there are a few things that should always be attended to first.   It is always best to first decide where the sofa is to be placed in your home, as this will to a large degree determine the type of fabric you need to purchase for wear purposes ie, is it in a formal living room that gets very little use or a family room that will be used all the time.  Second is what is your family like… you have rambunctious young children and pets which will require a fabric with a high degree of durability or is it just adults.  Three is price point for the fabric……you don’t need to spend a fortune to purchase fabric that will wear like iron and still look fabulous after years of use. has a designer in house that will walk you through these preliminary decisions and, since everything sells is below wholesale, you can get very high end fabric for a very reasonable cost.

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Sewing yourself vs professional sewers

One of the advantages of having a professional designer on staff is the ability of to provide precise direction on how to sew drapes yourself.  Our designer will help you calculate the exact number of yards you need for your drapes depending on the drape style you choose and then can send you simple step by step sewing directions.  We have found many people who have sewn drapes themselves with our directions, even for the first time, yield professional looking results.   You can get a pretty good idea of how much fabric is required for a chair or sofa by clicking on our fabric chart as follows:   Have a look at the fabrics at

Buying the “Best of the Best” fabrics generally sells only the “Best of the Best” fabrics.  What does this really mean to you, the end user.  Firstly, we purchase our fabrics direct from some of the best fabric mills in the world…..companies that make the fabrics for Scalamandre, Brunschwig & Fils, Colefax & Fowler, Manuel Canovas and many, many more.  When you buy fabric at this level of quality, you are getting the finest designs, the finest yarns, the greatest attention paid to detail, the best treatments and fabric that will make pieces that last and last and last.  Lesser qualities of fabric will have less of some or all of the above mentioned attributes and the longevity, beauty and appeal will decline in lockstep.  In other words, you get what you pay for.  Comments?