Fabric qualities from Europe vs Asia

We have been asked many times how the quality of fabrics differ from Asia vs Europe.  iluvfabrix.com has done extensive research on this and have to say that fabric from China has improved very substantially in the past four or five years.  iluvfabrix.com purchases almost all of our fabric, with very rare exceptions, from the best mills in France, Belgium and Italy as we are known for selling the “Best of the Best” fabrics in the World and they typically come from Europe.  What’s the difference, you say?  Better quality yarn, more interesting and much more complicated designs with far greater artistic content, more durability, more pre-treatments for this like stain resistance and fire retardation are only a few of the things that render “best” quality fabric from “good” quality fabric.  If you hold two fabrics side by side even the untrained eye can tell the difference.  Comments?

Suitability of Fabrics for Upholstery and/or Apparel

We get asked this question a lot….”will this fabric work for both upholstery and drapes…..and clothing”?  There are many fabrics in the marketplace and many that we carry that will serve a dual or even triple purpose.  Most high quality upholstery or drapery fabric is pretreated at the factory for shrink resistance, stain resistance, in many cases fire resistance.  Thus any fabric that is of light enough weight to be used for drapery can also be used for upholstery as they are all pretreated for durability.  Obviously there are some fabrics that will not stand up to rigorous use on upholstery and are more suitable for occasional furniture.  Many of these lighter fabrics (especially silks) can be used for clothing and in fact make exquisite clothing that looks great and lass virtually forever.  What experiences have any of you had? 

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Durability of Upholstery & Drapery Fabric

Firstly, to all the current and future customers on our site, www.iluvfabrix.com, welcome to our BLOG.  

We get many questions regarding the durability of the fabrics we sell on www.iluvfabrix.com.  Almost all of the fabrics we sell are preshrunk, treated for stain resistance and are specially chosen by our designer for their beauty, durability and practicality. 

Generally we think it is true that most people assume that furniture will be durable and meet their expectations about maintenance and appearance. However you should know that some types of upholstery fabric are better suited to specific areas of the house and specific rooms. Always consider where and how a piece will be used. Furniture in high use areas (family rooms, kitchens) must be durable and easy to maintain. Elegant textiles with complex textures may be more suitable for low traffic areas such as formal living rooms where the amount of use will be much less.

We are always available to answer your questions about fabric durability, wearability and, in fact, anything else you wish to know.